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Multitraction inc. - Trade of used heavy machinery

Multitraction inc.

Incorporated since 2004, MULTITRACTION Inc. is distinguished in the trade of used heavy machinery by the high quality and low price of its equipment on sale.

The experience of its founder, Edmundo R. Strang, which is in the field of used heavy machinery since 1976, and the knowledge of its professional team, forms a family company with a spirit of personalized service and attention.

Thanks to the confidence of our national and international customers and suppliers, MULTITRACTION Inc exports and imports its equipment to and from several countries, by always applying our best knowledge in this field.

Experience has taught us that we cannot always have available in stock all that our customers need at a given time, however, we have developed a network of connections in which we can find the equipment that our customers desire, and always holding true to our objectives of high quality and low prices.

Our company strengths lie with our customer service, in which we receive great satisfaction after having made an excellent transaction together.